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What Experience Do We Have?

Mobile Data Collection Since the 1990s

We have extensive personal experience in implementing wireless data collection since 1996. At that time, real-time WLAN implementation using frequency hopping technology was utilized to track marathon arrival times.

Long-term experience means that we have witnessed how the industry has evolved and what solutions have been previously implemented for mobile data collection. We understand the limitations and opportunities that different technologies offer in various environments.

In addition, we have accumulated expertise in various IT solutions across different industries. We have been involved in implementing systems for the retail sector, both in warehouses and customer services. In addition to mobile implementations, we have experience in server environments and integrations with various enterprise systems.

We have experience in implementing solutions for both large and small companies, as well as public sector entities. Systems implemented for payment processing, government administration, telecommunications, commerce, national security, and the mobile phone industry are familiar to us, just as are the logistics data collection needs of small and medium-sized enterprises.

Our Services


Regarding Varastomatti, we offer a service where we customize Varastomatti to suit your company’s needs. This is done by configuring the necessary functions within Varastomatti. The majority of configurations can be done using a “no-code” model, eliminating the need for actual programming. We go through the required data and data checks together, based on which information is collected. After this, the user can download Varastomatti to their device and enter the customer-specific code. After this, the app is ready to use.

Other services

In addition to Varastomatti, we can implement integrations to main systems as needed and provide tailored solutions for various mobile data collection needs.

We are proficient in both mobile development and application development related to backend systems, allowing us to implement a variety of systems.

We’ll be happy to provide more information!

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